Risk of Rain 2 - Engineer Skills and How to Unlock

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hey guys Kastner here welcome to another

episode of risk of brain - today we're

gonna be talking about the engineer just

going over his skills kind of showing

how they work in action and talking

about how to unlock them hope this helps

out so the way you go about unlocking

the engineer is quite simple all you

need to do is successfully complete 30

levels so one easy way to go about doing

this is if you were to come over here to

the right side under difficulty click

drizzle all you would have to do is farm

the first maybe level first maybe five

levels a couple times and then just quit

and restart when it gets too hard or if

you feel like doing it just by playing

the game it'll happen naturally over

time in my opinion he would most likely

be the most overpowered of all of the

classes he's not so much of running

around in your face type of guy he's

more of camping one spot so more for

your bosses and such his primary attack

is gonna be bouncing grenades charge up

to eight grenades the deal 100% damage

each his secondary rate of fire is gonna

be pressure mines place in mind that

deals 300% damage when an enemy walks

nearby and you could place up to ten of