Warface - How to unlock the Medic and Engineer class

hey guys what's up so you're probably

wondering um I just downloaded more face

and I don't know how to unlock the medic

or engineer class well I'm about to show

you it's as easy as clicking play and

going to the top right corner you'll get

one that says medic or engineer if

you've already completed medic and all

you want to do is click on this and

start your training so once your loaded

in you'll be given a series of tasks to


they've all consists of taking down

enemy targets and once you've completed

your training you'll be able to use the

class in multiplayer whenever you want

so once you've completed all the tasks

you'll be asked to jump into your

helicopter and that's it you'll be able

to fly as engineer and medic a




so once you've completed the training

session of either the medic or engineer

you'll get a confirmation like this and

then you can just load up into

multiplayer and select that class if

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