How To Change Engine Oil on a Kubota Zero Turn Mower

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we have a kubota z726x here and today

we're going to change the engine oil and

the oil filter so stick around

one thing to mention is that before i do

any work on my equipment i always make

sure to clean it up first for this

machine i just use some standard car

wash soap some degreaser rags and soft

brushes i use a garden hose i don't use

a pressure washer and i towel dry it

with some old bath towels it's much more

pleasant to work on a clean machine

all right this is what you're gonna need

to change the oil um

you'll need some oil i always use

oem if i can so i got some kawasaki

sc30 which it recommends i got brake

clean and paper towels just to clean

everything up

the uh

the recommended oil filter from kawasaki