Cub Cadet Zero Engine Swap: Kohler To Briggs - with Taryl

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Junior huh get out there and blow that

snow before customers start showing up

what me what are you doing I got these

cats to watch so it's freezing out there

pop can't you find somebody else to do

it I'll do it down uncle Andy I love

snow and I love clean okay there's the

shovel now get out there he'll be

shoveling out there for a month of that

pace yeah you're right Junior


I love the nightlife I love the

nightlife there

maybe I should want to use our snow

balls you think that's a good idea pop

the guy couldn't even pull peel of a

boot if the directions were on the hill

I'll show a lot of work it it's not that

hard he always wants to learn yeah

have you met Andy this guy can screw up

a cup of coffee