French Doors Locking System

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this door is designed to do everything

that you would ever ask of a French door

we actually start with an incredible

locking system it begins with a deadbolt

that when you turn the door that allows

you to open it up the door is a very

thick heavy door but the locking system

is designed so that when you open it

you're opening up multiple points of

lock and contact to begin with the

deadbolt comes out over one inch into

the other door panel when you go to

unlock it and you open up the door

you'll notice that there is a hook at

the top right here and then there's a

hook at the bottom down here and what's

happening is is when you lock the door

what you're doing is those locks are

coming out this one comes in and grabs

to the bottom this one comes in and

grabs to the top and it is capturing the