Endless Mode UNLOCKED | Plants vs. Zombies Survival Mode #3

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greetings this is this an IME and we

left off in the Zen garden last time and

now we're here and you're probably

thinking um it looks a bit different Oh

where'd all of her plants go yeah well

you see I figured I'm not really working

on getting a nice little collection of

plants here like I was when I was

playing it on the Xbox because my main

goal was get money right so um I kind of

just sold all my plants

these ones are you know new ish so there

was no point in selling them before they

grew up I sell the one I sold the ones

even though they were tiny if they were

for the night place or the pool because

you can't grow them any further unless

you buy the place for them so they got

like 3,000 for those ones but then I got

about 8,000 for each of the fully grown

plants that I still had and so I sold

those to make some money I also finished

all of the other survival modes that I

needed to finish and guys guess what I

know you're thinking oh my god she has

no money I that's because I spent it all

I earned enough money to get the $80,000

10th slot and the $10,000 winter melon

upgrade to make your these things these

melon catapult guys be frizzy um you