How to open Password Protected Excel File (No Software & 100% Free)

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Okay so I have a password protected excel file when I try to edit the Excel file

it gives me this error occurs saying that is protected

but I kinda wanna break into this and open it up so what you have to do is

just close this down

I have it saved my desktop so I just wanna do a new folder

and drag this into here and double click on folder

so now you want to go to Organize > Folder and Search Options

view and then scroll down a little bit you'll see hide extensions for known

file types

want this unchecked and then hit apply so

right now you'll see that the extension is .xlsx

we're just gonna change this to

.zip then hit enter. It going to ask you if you want to

change it say yes, now its a zip file

you can open that up I'm using JZip you can use any kind

archive program that you want to use

click Excel Folder > Worksheets > Sheet one

is the one I want to open up so im going to do open up with

notepad and this is giving me

I'm all the code for that sheet its

im gonna do word wrap, so what you wanna look for is

something that says like password protection or sheet protection

so its right here sheet protection password

this isnt actually the password so you can't use this

to open up the document but what we can do is just a delete it

and then save the file

close it down. Hit Yes

close it down and we are gonna change this back

to the .xlsx

and hit okay. yes , now if I open up again