How to Get Free TV Watch digital channels without paying cable or satellite fees

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hi welcome to our channel all about home

electronics in this video we'll show you

how to get free TV we're going to

demonstrate the very easy fast way that

you can watch digital high-definition

channels right on your television you

won't have to pay a cable bill or a

satellite TV subscription the process

that we're going to show you is really

easy so don't worry if you're not tech

savvy because we're going to walk you

through the quick steps now during this

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we'll begin right after this

now a lot of people want to save money

by not having to pay a cable or

satellite bill this process for getting

free TV works on most brands of

televisions but the older tube style TVs

need a converter we posted a link for

converters at the end in in the video

description below so what you see on

your screen right now it's simply the

backside of a typical TV and a set of

rabbit ear antennas right here I'm going