How to Open Password Protected RAR or ZIP File without Password in Windows

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Hello guys and welcome to another video of Windows 10 tips and tricks this video is about opening

password-protected RAR files if you have forgotten your password or

You have downloaded a RAR file from internet that is asking for a password and you don't have one

Follow this tutorial to open such files

For example opening this file is asking me for a password that I don't have

So I shall visit screw soft blog and download screw soft RAR password unlocker

Once downloaded extract the contents and install the software



Complete the setup by clicking next next next next


finally finish

Now you need to copy the screw soft crack files into the software folder inside your computer

The installation is now complete

We have our software to unlock files

Let's see how to use it

There are three attack options

brute-force attack try all possible password combinations

Brute-force attack with masks it greatly reduces the time by specifying the forgotten password length character set, etc

Dictionary attack it tries the combinations in the built-in dictionary as a password. I shall be selecting dictionary attack

Now open the locked file

And hit the start button

Now you have to wait till the password is restored it might take some time so you can relax and do some other work

To save the time. I am fast forwarding the video

Yeah, the password is here we have it copy the password and use it to open the rar file


That's it I hope you liked the video tutorial find more helpful videos like visit our youtube channel at

youtube.com slash screw soft channel