How to decrypt your pendrive or usb,local disk, easily without any software

okay welcome friends to the next

tutorial of how to put password on your


now in this video I am going to show you

that how can you decrypt your removal

disk like printers extra so my pendrive

is still asking me for a password and I

can't access it what we have to do is

open control panel and go to system and

security here is BitLocker Drive

Encryption click it and here is your

device click unlock Drive it is asking

you for a password if you want to

decrypt your password sorry if you want

to ticket for your device then please

enter your correct password and unlock


okay now click manage BitLocker and

we move password from this drive sorry

don't click my clover click turn off bit

lower it is asking you for decrypt

device click it

it is the encrypting you can see that

0.7% is completed

and friends there is an another way to

decrypt your rife but a condition is

that your pendrive data will be removed

and that simplest way is just right

click and simply format it if you format

it then all of your data along with the

encryption will be removed from your

pendrive but no one of us would like to

do the format option because it will

remove all of our data so it is

decrypting your device ok friends it is

just now going to complete it is 99.3

percent completed now

nine to six seven

yes it's completed

and you may now see that now I can

access to my drive without any problem

and it is not asking me for any password

and my files are also safe

there is no corrupt or any type of

damage so friends this is the only way

with which you can put password on your

device without any external software

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videos thanks for watching