How To Unlock PDF File Without Password And Decrypt It?

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hello guys welcome to compact easy guide

today I'm going to show you how to

unlock password-protected PDF files

without password first let me show you

the file with the password and now let's

unlock it install the software the link

to the software will be in the

description and once installed look

through the different options for a

better experience on the autosave tab

you can set the minute at which the

project should be auto saved and on the

options tab there is a priority option

set into high if you want to give the

software the full performance on that

man's tab you can see an option called

GPU manager when you click on it you can

see your graphics if you see your

graphics card it means I you can take

utilize of its power for unlocking I

think it is solely supported for NVIDIA

cards now click on open and choose the


if you know the password you can type it

here and click on D grip now you remove

all the restrictions on the PDF such as

no print functionality or copy pasting

etc now let's click on start recovery

I would always recommend you to first

try the dictionary attack and only then