[2022] 3 Ways to Remove iTunes Backup Encryption | Disable iTunes Bacup Encryption

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Hi everyone, welcome back to PassFab.

Found you enable encrypt local backup when you open iTunes to backup your iPhone or restore

from previous backup?

How to remove iTunes backup password?

If you know the password, you can simply uncheck Encrypt local backup.

Enter your backup password.

And enter your screen passcode on your iPhone.

If you forgot the backup password or you never set one, try PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker

to remove iTunes backup password.

Run the software.

Select Remove Backup Encryption Settings.

Click Start.

Then the backup encryption will be removed.

Or you can reset all settings on your iPhone.

Go to Settings.

Scroll down to General.

Tap Transfer or Reset iPhone.

Click Reset.

Select Reset All Settings.


After restarts, iTunes backup encryption will be erased.