How to Encrypt and Password Protect an External Hard Drive using Mac OS High Sierra

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hello hello Jordan here and today I'm

gonna be showing you how to encrypt and

password protect an external hard drive

that you have using Mac OS hi Sierra now

before you get going

there are different ways to do this lots

of third-party software some that even

comes on Western Digital hard drives

personally though I'm a fan of just

using the built-in tools that come with

Apple computers and I've also had some

issue using Western Digital password

protection in the past I just think the

built-in tools that come with Apple's

computers are more seamless so that's

what we're going to be using going to be

using a utility that you have on your

computer called Disk Utility so you

spotlight to find it Disk Utility hit

enter and then go up to the top it's

like view show all devices so this

actually shows the like the actual hard

drive before what it was showing was

actually volumes or partitions of the

hard drive but you don't really need to

to worry about that so select the hard

drive not the volume and then the

process for encrypting a drive you

actually have to erase the whole drive

and reformat it so that it the whole