How To Remove BITLOCKER ENCRYPTION In Windows 10

he what's up guys welcome back to our

channel technology so today in this

video I'm going to show you guys how to

remove the BitLocker encryption in your

Windows 10 computer so you just need to

follow me so first of all you need to go

to your Start menu and after there type

over here to our cell now right click on

Windows PowerShell and click on run as

administrator after that click on yes

now you'll get this power silk window

now let me show you guys here is my

drive so here's my drive as you can see

you drive so this drive is the BitLocker

is enable on this Drive so now what I

have to do is I need to put some command

over the earth so check all your drive

status here to put here I'll manage

- be de then space - status after this

press enter now you'll get all your

Drive details over there so as you can

see the C Drive is not protected with

BitLocker only II drive is protected

with BitLocker so now what you have to

do we need to put this command to

visible your BitLocker is called are

disabled - bit Locker and then space

then mount point and then you have to

put here e in my case it is because my

BitLocker Drive is e so I will put here

e after that press ENTER so don't worry

with that I will give you all this

command to my video description as you

can see now protection is option now

BitLocker protection is corn so if you

want to remove the encryption then you

have to put this command is called

manage V de - off then you have to put

your type later

this gate is case it is e and after that

press enter so as you can see

description is now progress sewing so it

is done so after restart it will walk

properly say hope this small video will

really help for you and

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commands down below I will see you guys

in the next one next video thank you