Destiny 2 | ESCALATION PROTOCOL LOOT TABLE! How to Get Loot Keys, Run 9 Player Events & All Rewards!

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what's up guys Hanish here and today I

wanted to jump in and take an early look

at some stuff about the escalation

protocol event I'm gonna talk about the

loot table what you can get by

completing this activity and where

you'll get that loot as well as the loot

Keys that you'll need in order to

actually obtain this loot there is some

important stuff to talk about

I'll also speak about ways you can get

up to nine players in one space to try

and tackle this event I should mention

though that this is an early look at

this activity there are a couple of

things we don't know about it just yet I

just want to give you guys the best

chance at success going into this

activity and make sure that you know the

important details before we get into the

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