How To Feel Your Emotions (What To Do if you Cant Feel Your Emotions) - Teal Swan -

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Hello there, your emotions are like a compass. Just like an actual compass tells you where you are in [space]

Your emotions tell you what your personal vibration is

Knowing your personal vibration, then allows you to know how to increase that personal frequency so as to go in the direction of your desires

Also your emotions are your doorway to your subconscious mind to [what's] limiting you from getting to where you desire?

So not being in touch with your emotions

Is the same as not having a compass and being stranded out in the middle of the sea?

naturally people want to feel good and

Naturally if you left them to their own devices they would gravitate in the direction of what felt good

However our wires get a bit crossed during [the] process of socialization

during the process of socialization we learn that many things that feel good are in fact bad and

many things that feel bad are in fact good according to the social group that we grow up in and

When this happens we develop this let's say coping mechanism. Which is to override our negative emotions

Obviously if your compass is screaming at you, you're going in the wrong direction

And you're going to keep going in that direction you have to tune out the compass

To compound things further because we do not collectively understand what emotions are and what purpose they serve

We are essentially living in an emotional [Dark] [age] this means that society has made emotions in and of themselves a bad thing

and that means that during the process of socialization children are punished for having certain emotions as a result they dissociate from

Reject Deny and disown those emotions they then grow up to suppress these emotions and deny the fact that they even have them

People in general struggle with their emotions people in general don't understand what emotions are people in general

Struggle to relate to their own emotions

So it's kind of epidemic

However, there is a small percentage of people on the planet or even more disconnected than the general


These are people who are so disconnected from their own emotions who ignored their internal compass to such a degree

[that] it is as if they cannot even feel emotion

Now this is a major problem

because obviously

If you want to know how to heal your life, if you want to know, what direction to [go] in to feel better

But you can't feel at all

You're lost in the middle of the sea without a compass