WoW Legion World Quest Guide & Preview - Rewards - How To Unlock

hey guys what's up man season here back

with another video for you as you know

I've been doing a lot of Legion previews

lately in this video I want to talk

about one of legions and game activities

world quests and sort of give you an

idea of what they're all about I'll go

over how to go about unlocking them and

what rewards you get for doing them so

let's start with the actual unlocking

process there are a few requirements to

do these quests first is you got to be

level 110 and second is you have to have

friendly reputation with each of legions

five main factions we have the court of

firaon dicin Asuna the high mountain

tribe and high mountain the Dreamweavers

in val Shara the Valor jarn storm hime

and the knight fallen in serum R now if

you're leveling normally by questing by

the time you hit level 110 you should

have these first for all level 2

friendly already or at least close to

that with the way XP is set up right now

you'll usually hit level 110 by the time

you finish your fourth zone the night

fallen is sort of a special case because

it's located in serum R which is level

110 zone so as you hit 110 you're going

to want to visit serum R and start

working on that and it doesn't take long

it's only around 30 minutes of questing

there before you get friendly reputation

so it's not too bad but once you do get

that differently you're now ready for

world quests you'll have a quest turn

into Khadgar in Dalaran that officially

unlocks them once you turn that and

you'll notice a variety of icons on your

map spread throughout each zone of the

broken Isles it's actually kind of

similar to Diablo 3's adventure mode if

you play that game there are several

different types of world quests you have

ones that are just generic combat and

questing for both solo and group play

some that have PvP others that require

you to run dungeons kill world bosses

and so on and you also have profession

related quests for gathering professions

like mining and crafting professions

like blacksmithing jewelcrafting and so

on and you also have some tertiary

requests like fishing and pet battling

so it's all pretty varied they all have

a set duration they don't reset like

your normal daily quests you can check

how much time you have left on them by

just mousing over them on your map they

Ward you with a variety of different

things gold artifact power class all

resources Bloods of Sargeras which is a

high level legion crafting material

equipment pet charms from the pet quests

and fish from the fishing quests gear

wise it's a really good way to get your

character started on heroics

such at the end of your questing you'll

be getting gear in the eye level 782 790

range from these quests you get eye

level 800 to 840 ish gear with the

harder ones of course providing the

top-end stuff each one of these quests

also award you with reputation for the

respective faction and in fact they're

going to be the main way to grind out

these reputations in Legion the easier

quests give you around 50 rep not

including any bonuses and the higher

level ones like world bosses can award

you with hundreds to tell which quest

will give you which rep when you

mouse-over it on your map it will show


in general these reputations are zone

specific for example the high mountain

tribe quests are limited to high

mountain the dream of requests are in

val sera and so on

the only one that goes across each zone

of the broken Isles is legion 6th

faction the wardens this is sort of a

general reputation that isn't dedicated

to a single zone you'll get reputation

for them via their world quest spread

out throughout each zone there is

another way to get reputation for these

factions though and that's through the

emissary quests these are made of quests

where your objective is to complete four

of their associated world quests an

example would be complete four quests in

Belle Chara or complete for warden


once you complete these objectives

you'll get to turn into the associated

factions emissary who gives you 1500

base trip for that faction and a bonus

cache the cache can contain a lot of

things so far in the beta I've seen gold

Bloods of Sargeras

order hall resources artifact power and

a new currency called the curious coin

which you use to buy rare pets toys and

even amount from a vendor located in

Dalaran you can have a maximum of three

emissary quests active at once and

you'll get a new one each day at your

normal daily reset time so it is kind of

slow but it's also advantageous because

you can leave the game for like three

days and not fall too far behind and

that's pretty much it next let's talk

about the rewards I'll try to stick to

the highlights here sort of avoiding the

smaller stuff for the sake of not making

this video too long but I will have a

full list - all of this in the

description if you want to see every

single reward each faction is sort of

streamlined in terms of rewards they'll

give you the same sort of stuff each one

has a couple of pets toys I level eight

twenty blues tabards and so on let's

start off with a high mountain tribe you

can find the emissary for this

reputation located at coordinates 46 60

at Thunder totem in high mountain

skipping over the toys pets and blue

he tells you an epic ilvl 850 ml chest

at exalted reputation he also sells you

blacksmithing and jewelcrafting patterns

ranging from honored to exalted and

something called the boon of the butcher

which you can get at honored from each

of these factions you can buy a shoulder

and chant that gives you a chance to

loot a Bonus Cash when looting enemies

the butcher one as you can see here

gives you various meat for cooking and

hides for leatherworking next up we have

the core de ferran discs you can find

the emissary at 4741 and asuna he sells

you eye level 850 cloth pants head

exalted tailoring and inscription

recipes once again ranging from honored

to exalted and for their shoulder and

chant we have the boon of the gem finder

which is available at revered this one

is pretty self-explanatory it gives you

various Legion level gems to use for

jewelcrafting at exalted reputation you

can also buy something called serial

Crescent Falls raven guard notes this is

used by marksman hunters to unlock the

hidden appearance for their artifact

weapon for Valtra we have the

Dreamweavers you can find the emissary

at fifty five seventy three for your eye

level eight fifty purple we have leather

shoulders as always that exalted

reputation leather working and

enchanting patterns and the shoulder-in

chant this time is the boon of the

harvester which gives you fish in herbs

and just like the butcher and chant you

can get this at honoured reputation from

this reputation you can also get the

seed of the solar flare at exalted

reputation this is used by balanced

routes to unlock a hidden appearance for

their artifact weapon next up we have

the valor jar you can find the emissary

at sixty 51 and storm high are eight

fifty purple this time our plate legs

their patterns are for leather workers

and blacksmiths and their shoulder

enchant is the boon of the salvager

which gives you a legion level or and

gray and green gear this requires

revered reputation to get these guys

also have something called the rod of

the ascended which is once again needed

for a hidden artifact appearance for the

holy priests this time to buy this you

need exalted reputation next up we have

the knight fallen of serum are these

guys are more unique because they can

give you your gloves and shoulders from

your class all set for those of you who

don't know for each class and your class

alters a vendor that sells you a whole

set of gear each piece requires you to

do different things but for the gloves

you need honored and for the shoulders

you need exalted reputation with the

knight fallen the gloves are eye level

820 and the shoulders are 850 so they're

pretty decent for just starting off when

you're trying to prepare

for heroics and mythix and such

following along with the scheme of

things though we also have an eye-level

850 neck at exalted reputation for their

patterns they have some for tailoring

and chanting and jewelcrafting and for

our shoulder and chant they have the

boon of the mana seeker this gives you

enchanting materials potions and

something called ancient mana this is

the currency related to serum are you

needed to interact with the various NPCs

you can find it around the zone so this

enchant isn't 100% necessary to get it

but it'll definitely speed things up the

vendor for all of this is located inside

your main base in serum our Mara del

anyways lastly we have the wardens the

emissary is located at coordinates 48 73

in Asuna and for 850 purple this time we

have a cloak for patterns we have a few

for engineering jewelcrafting and

inscription and for a shoulder inch and

we have the boon of the blood hunter

which gives you the highly sought after

bloods of Sargeras like i mentioned

earlier each of these factions has a

variety of toys and pets as well so make

sure you check the description if you

want to see those in more detail and

that's pretty much it those are the

world quests in Legion in a nutshell

hopefully now you have a good

understanding and idea of how they work

I really like them I think they're a

great alternative to the normal daily

quest grind that we're used to and I

like the variety of quests that we get I

think long term they'll have to scale up

the rewards to keep them relevant or

after a month if you have everything

exalted you're all geared up your

artefact is maxed out and so on there

will be little need to go through these

which could lead to stagnation and I

think we've had enough of that in

Draenor so hopefully they keep up with

it if they do I think this whole system

has a bright future ahead of it and it's

something I would personally welcome in

future expansions even but that's about

all I have to say I hope you found this

video helpful give it a like if you

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and as always thanks for watching good

luck and peace