How To Reprogram My Thermostat Emerson Series 80

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hey what's up everybody has going today

I'm gonna be showing you how to do some

things on this Emerson thermostat a

couple of things that I'm gonna cover is

how to change the batteries how to set

turn on the lock feature and how to turn

it on and turn it off so that you're not

locked out of your thermostat and also

I'm show you a problem I was having with

the temperatures maximums and minimums

and how to set those in the in the true

menu the kind of the hidden menu that

you can't access just by hitting the

menu so there's just a couple of things

that I'm gonna be going over today so

the first thing I'm going to do is I'm

gonna show you about the lock feature

okay so if you have this little lock up

here and on your screen and maybe you

don't know how to get it off or or

what's going on but your thermostats

locked so you see it blinking no matter

what I'm pressing here I'm not I'm not

changing anything I'm not doing anything

and so my thermostat actually is not

letting me access anything because it is

locked right now so super easy

all you do is hold the Menu button in

the up button and you'll see that lock

disappear you hold those at the same