Emerson Cordless Phone overview

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the Emerson digital cordless phone

system is your fast-track to receiving

and making crystal clear phone calls

from any home or business this package

comes with two digital cordless phones

with answering system support for up to

four handsets with two handsets already

included in this package when you open

your Emerson Digital tour the zone

system you will find the affirmation

point intensive as well as a user guide

based support warning cards connection

cord egl listed power adapter and

rechargeable batteries the handsets

empower you to have hands-free operation

anywhere even when you are away from the

digital cordless phones on the

dot-matrix display will allow reliable

and clear viewing of call information at

greater distances the emerson digital

cordless phone system has several

functions including mute redial and

flash use your handsets to modify these

functions as well as speaker volume

control there is even a 50 name and

number phone book that you can't keep

locally on your phone


at a really affordable price the Emerson

digital cordless phone system can keep