Fixing a Stuck Parking Brake or Emergency E Brake with Basic Hand Tools

so today we're with our old friend the

Nissan Maxima specifically what we're

looking at is the e brake the tension is

enormous it's just so tight I could

barely move the the lever here really

should come up quite a bit so what we're

going to do is get it in the garage

we'll take off the rear wheels take a

look at the system and we'll correct the

problem so I'm on a hill I should be

able to roll backwards and nothing my

foot is off the brake we're not doing

anything here so it's definitely engaged

so here we're looking at the driver's

side if you're unfamiliar with the parts

of a braking system very quickly this is

your brake rotor your caliper and you

have one brake pad here another brake

pad right back there and the way that

this system works is as you depress the

brake pedal you've had your aaalac fluid

that runs through the brake line and you

have a piston in the caliper and as the

fluid engages with the piston it

squeezes these two brake pads and

compresses against the rotor and that's

how the car stops if you're curious on

how to replace any of these parts I'll

include a few links in the description

box below I have a number of videos on

them already but what we're curious as

you can see again this is the hydraulic

brake line this is okay we have no

interest in this right here this is the

e brake that leads into the cabin and as

you can see it's just it's engaged it

should be a little bit loose so this is

where the problem is so the first thing

I'm going to do is just remove this

brink here make sure you wear safety

glasses when you do this and as you can

see this guy just is not moving at all

let's clean this up with a wire brush

now this is just a little wd-40 or PB

Blaster this is a 17 millimeter size nut

here and there we go so what we're going

to do is just remove the parts clean

them up and we'll reinstall everything

the only reason why we have this problem

is just due to surface rust and just not

using the vehicle very often really so

we'll clean the parts and get this up

and running again now what I'm going to

do is just get in the car we'll move the

lever up and down a couple times just to

make sure that the system is working

correctly in other words nothing's bound

up inside the cable here so let's try

that out and as you can see the cable is

fine now if this was bound up if I still

couldn't move it then we have a problem

somewhere else but this works perfectly

fine okay

now the other thing that I'm checking is

that the piston and the caliper is now

frozen now this is the passenger side

when I checked on the driver's side the

brake pad just completely broke in half

so we'll also replace the red brake pads

I do have a video already on this I'll

include the link and the description box

below it's also on our website at cars

and toys net and this is just an adapter

tool let's see if the spins and it does

okay so this caliper is not frozen which

is good but we'll also replace the brake

pads and this car will be in good shape

so now we're on a slight incline just to

do a quick test the ebrake is off let my

foot off the brake pedal and we roll

back now with the e brake on my foot off

the brake and nothing can you break off

and now we roll back so we're in good