right guys welcome back some Red Dead

Redemption to in this video I'm gonna be

showing you how to sell your valuables

on this game because I posted the video

about how to unlock the general store

and a few of you in the comments have

been asking how to sell your valuables

so when you get to chapter 2 you get to

the horseshoe overlook I think it is

yeah the horseshoe overlook that's gonna

be your little caravan camp and you'll

begin to do the chapter 2 missions as

you can see I've explored quite a lot of

the map so far all the way down to here

where I'm wanted dead or alive but you

can see here with Waypoint in the

mission from doing I think the guys

names leopold Strauss or something

you'll see LS in a yellow circle on your

map they are debt collecting missions so

you go do the missions you collect the

debt you are grade your camp a little

bit and there's one where you have to

come somewhere over here to collect the

debt of someone called Thomas downs and

after you've done that and you go back

to see Leopold at the camp

a woman called Susan would approach you

and say oh Jose is looking for you go

over to emerald ranch

Hosea's mission is called the spines of

america so when you get this mission

once you complete it if we do a little

cut here I will see you when we have

reached and interacted with Hosea

okay so we've just got some Hosea and

before we trigger the mission I just

want to say if there's anything you guys

are stuck with on this game or anything

you want to know about let me know in

the comments and I'll do videos for it

I've got a few video ideas for now that

I think you guys might be interested in

and one of them includes how to sell

your animal pelts / like skins that you

find when you go hunting so stick around

on the channel subscribe for more Red

Dead Redemption to content and let's get

this mission underway right so we're

going to try and rob this stagecoach and

the Sheamus is going to be our go-to guy

so if we if we jump off there there's an

automatic dismount of our horse

moenay's follow Hosea to scope out

comedy Dell $45 worth of items okay so

let's just check everything we can

there's $13 we need $1 are you joking

take a camera grab an apple for tea I'm

10 cents right with after Kentucky

Bourbon search the chimney gonna have

about 50 grand

what was that 150 dollars I need all the

money I can get off the Mike Oh got me

in trouble

there's a story mission where you have

to go in free Micra of prison and when

you get them out you kill everyone in

the town and my dere like my bounty to

pay off so they're not searching for me

was 215 dollars well so we now have to

sneak into the barn I'm going to leave

everything open they're gonna find out

eventually that they've been robbed

we've got 20 kin to the barn and grab

this stagecoach return it's emerald

Ron's right as going right so you can

now sell stolen weapons and stuff and

you can buy them because he's got a

fence a fence is for valuables illicit

goods you can craft talismans and

trinkets there as well so what we're

gonna do is you'll Nell see the marker

on your map for the fence and a fence is

basically a middleman he's someone that

doesn't care if your stuff stolen he

will find you a buyer so if we set a

waypoint we're gonna head over there now

okay so I had to go back to camp I had

to sleep and then ride all the way back

here because he shots at a certain time

like every other vendor in the game

which is obvious but I can't figure out

the times that they open and close but

once you've done the mission and you've

headed back to camp or decided to stay


shameless will now become a vendor

called defense and if you go in to sell

you can see that we can sell everything

so pearl necklace we get $4 Platinum

bound to get 7 if we go to valuables

alone we can get free dollars so we sell

all of those 15 it we sell all of our

valuables because we don't actually need

them we could just get more off their

bodies and there we go so once you

continue with chapter 2 you do the

mission with Hosea to go and steal the

stagecoach you will then unlock

shameless in Emerald ranch as a fence he

will buy all your valuables off you so

that is the end of the video guys I hope

you enjoyed it thank you for watching