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hello everyone welcome to unlock Apple

any iOS and today we are going to unlock

a pipe add what you have on your screen

this is quite a new iPad I just have

received today and they are good to

unlock this to use in my video so for

this purpose I'm using this brand new

iPad and I don't know which iOS this

iPad has but the thing I know this is

2018 iPad nine point seven inch so we

will see what exactly is wrong with this

iPad and at the moment there is no Wi-Fi

connected with this iPad so as you can

see on your screen as well

there is no Wi-Fi connected if you can

see clearly and then we're going to

start so of course we have to connect

this with Wi-Fi as well this is the

biggest thing that we have to do then of

course without internet we cannot unlock

any kind of Apple device so just do the

same what I am doing in this video and

you will get your iPad or iPhone with

any iOS or any generation iPad iPod will

be unlock for 100% free before we start

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this channel has more support any

comment regarding now just do the same

thing what I'm doing once you own your

iPad or iPhone whatever country comes on

the top just choose that country so we

choose the country and right now there


my file so you can use your hearts part

you can use your home Wi-Fi you can use

free Wi-Fi anywhere the main thing is

you need to have internet connection now

okay you're going to add your password

click join and then you will see once

you connect automatically this sign on

the top right corner you can see Wi-Fi

appears and activation log is here now

for this iPad we have to use few things

this is kind of combination I will I'm

going to tell you now and you cannot see

if this is really working for this iPad

or iPhone or Norton now this is if you

have a lost mode Apple ID and password

problem anything this method is going to

work remember T has four five one five

we're going to use this thing going back

according to procedure we have to go to

emojis and emojis we have a key button

here if you see

okay we're going to find out this button

where that button was for key because

everything starts you can see here on

the top on the on the middle on the left

side is key button we have to press this

key button at least 12 times in the

Apple ID place i press this exactly 12

times this key button once you do this

we have to make a combination and then

we have to add few more details then we

will see if this thing is really working

or not the information I have received

today the key pattern normally you will

find out in this bulb icon you can see

and there is a key here so 12 times we

add already this key and our next thing

what we have to do is we have to find

out as you can see here you if you go to

the next to flag there is some signs

different signs of music percentage and

so you can go in this one and you have

to click you can see phone and is

written off you have to click this 15


I count we lie down for 15 times key 12

times 15 times we pressed off and now we

have to write down ten times this ID you

can see ten times we write down ID now a

very important part if you go into

password you won't find emojis this is

normal so many people ask me what to do

in this case now I'm going to show you

one interesting things all these things

what we have put it in Apple ID select

them all copy them all and paste it into

password you see how easily because so

many people I have received comments in

messages that they can't put emojis in

password so now this is how you can put

emojis into this password place 12 times

key 15 times off and 10 times we have

next button we press you copy the same

details and we going to press next

button make sure you writing the same

keys in same amount of numbers what I'm

adding just do this thing we have to try

at least five to six times then next

step will be start we have to keep this

thing how it is okay but before you

start you have to charge battery of your

Apple device for at least minimum 400

percent has to be full battery now if

you see before it was coming incorrect

Apple ID and password now the the

message is coming Apple ID disabled so

this is we were waiting for three four

times you try five or six times it comes

apply to disable this is we need now

going back to the pressing this button

going back to Wi-Fi settings click your

eye button on your home Internet

now going to click configuration proxy

and going to automatic here a simple

thing you have to write down is Apple ID

normal letters disabled this is the main

thing we are making video for because we

have apple ID disabled or forgetting

Apple ID or password or lost note or any

other problem so Apple ID disabled dot

unlock very simple and very straight

things we have writen pressing Save

button here clicking back button

pressing down button is everything is

say if you are already pressing next

button once you press again it comes

Apple ID disabled person one more time

two times and press third time now once

you press going back Wi-Fi settings what

you have to do is click I button forget

this network press done once you press

them you're going to activation knock

help make sure you have to forget your

own home network once you press that the

screen you'll see everything is safe try


there is no Wi-Fi connected right now it

comes try again so this thing we are

doing right now without Wi-Fi you have

to keep trying this thing

we have to keep trying this thing okay


we are keep trying this thing we should

have automatic Wi-Fi connects from where

the according to process the process we

are following everybody has to follow

the same process to get the

hundred-percent results and what happens

it get unlock straight away how just

follow the same procedure and it gets

unlocked okay set up as the new ID

everything is safe here now if you want

of course for 100% you can go and you

can choose your new Apple ID and

password if you would like to create a

new Apple ID create a free Apple ID here

or passport or anything so we're not

making right now if you would like you

can make new Apple ID for your Apple

device this is how we did today and we

get for 100% success for 100% free of

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messages I always answer everyone get

started this is how you get free iCloud

unlock in your iPad with a regeneration

any iOS or any Apple iPhone device with

any iOS and the same thing applies to

Apple watch and iPod as well so thank

you for watching till then to the next

time bye bye