HUGE ELITE PACK OPENING. Klassic Liu Kang hunt! Mortal Kombat X Mobile 1.13 Update.

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sir president is here to see you elevate

and yes sir in fact cancel all my

appointments of the day I have a video

to me


elephants first of all I want to

apologize about how it looked in the

previous two videos I indeed wanted to

make as many videos as fast as possible

after update and I almost didn't sleep

the night after update and I looked

terrible but now I upped my image a

little bit and hopefully I was more

acceptable and also they hydrated he's

finally back oh sorry about that

today we have another fact opening and I

hope you enjoyed the intro I missed

doing fine interest like that if you

missed too and you want to see more

interest like this leave a like and a

comment I would really appreciate you

know your opinion also don't click away

from the video too soon there is also an

outro which is let me just say some of

you may not want to see it but anyway I