New Direct Way to Unlock Elite Weapons in Advanced Warfare! (Plus 15 New Prestiges)

what's going on guys team art here today

I've got some absolutely enormous

advanced warfare news for you guys so

over the past couple of months Michael

Khan has been teasing a new feature that

was coming to advanced warfare that

would lie to earn elite weapons rather

than rely solely on the chance of supply

drops and not only was that confirmed

yesterday but it's also been confirmed

that they're adding 15 new prestiges

into the game which is pretty exciting

so it's not quite in the game yet it's

coming sometime this month in the month

of March we're not sure what the exact

date is yet but as you can see right

here they're gonna be 15 new prestiges

added to the game master prestige one

two three four five all the way down to

grand master prestige which is the 15th

one now you guys will notice these are

all the same emblems as the first 15

prestigious but they've got kind of like

a gold you know hint and kind of color

tone to them which is kind of cool I

think it looks pretty good so it's the

same order and everything it's just

they're gold now instead of what they

were before

now another kind of twist here is rather

than earning you know extra creative

class slots or certain pieces of loot

and gear and stuff like that for

completing each prestige now you're

actually earning elite weapons for every

prestige that you enter so for master

prestige one which is technically 16th

prestige overall you get the bal-27

obsidian steed for two you get the MP 11

Goliath for three you get the more

silver bullet for four you get the

tac-19 sledgehammer from five you get

the em1 polar vortex for six you get the

arx-160 steel bite for seven you get the

amr9 pro pipe for eight you get the MLE

whale horn for nine you get the 84

gigawatt for ten you get the IMR thunder

tusk man I'm starting around under

breath for 11 you get the essence six

money for 12 you get the asm1 speakeasy

for 13 you get the PI tech loophole for

14 you get the hbra3 bare fist and then

finally for 15 master prestige 15 aka

prestige 30 in this game which is just

absolutely not you get the the asm1

Strider along with this gear right here

this is the grand master prestige

character gear you guys can see it looks

really really good it's like royalty

camo except on your character but rather

than being gold it's purple and silver

which I think just looks incredibly

badass but there's no way I will ever

earn that I'm prestige too right now

there's no way I'm moving I'm not gonna

be going 28 more prestigious to to be

able to earn that so I got to give up on

my dreams but yeah that is what they're

adding in to advanced warfare sometime

this month 15 new prestigious each

prestige gains you a new elite weapon

from that list so I think this is pretty

cool look for the guys that are up there

high up in the prestigious maybe even

master prestige right now I think this

is good for you like if you like

grinding out this game and leveling up

and up and up and up I think that's

great but honestly at the same time I'm

a little bit disappointed I think a lot

of you guys will be too because this is

not something that was announced when

the game first came out if I would have

known that we were going to be able to

start getting elite weapons after the

15th prestige I would have been more apt

to actually prestige like a prestige

once I was just like it's not worth it

for me I don't care about the extra

class setups I don't care about the

character loot I'd rather have all my

weapons all my attachments and be able

to use whatever setup I want anytime

that's why I wanted to do it if I would

have known I would have been earning

elite weapons for prestiging I

definitely would have been more inclined

to prestige that's for sure I think the

same goes for a lot of you guys out

there I'm thinking like it would have

been cool if they would have instituted

this right from the beginning

like if this would have been something

where prestige one you get an elite

weapon prestige two you get an elite

weapon not prestige 16 17 18 19 20 I

think that would have been even better

and even now like I was hoping it would

be something along with like weapon

challenges or camo challenges something

like that like you earn diamond camo

on a weapon through them you also get

this elite version of that weapon like I

was hoping it would be something like

that but it looks like that's not the

direction they're gonna be taken so for

those you guys that are already up there

high up in the prestigious you're

definitely getting rewarded here this is

pretty good there's some great weapons

on that list the PI tech loophole and

someone's Strider and speakeasy sn6

money amr9 pro pipe arx-160 sieve-like

there's some really good guns on here

but for those of us that are lower down

in the prestigious because we never

really planned on prestiging we're kind

of screwed by this okay it doesn't help

us out in any way so it's kind of

disappointing in that regard but hey I

guess all along I should've been

prestiging and it's my fault that's

coming back to bite me in the butt so

yeah a little rich guys think about this

do you think it's fair do you wish they

would have done something else the one

thing I'm thinking is it's possible that

they may do something else because if


remember a couple of months ago ali-a

tweeted out that he really wanted the


r.i.p and micro cons replied they'd soon

be a way to be able to earn it guess


there's no ak-12 r.i.p on this list so

is that a slip of the tongue

probably but is there a small chance

there might be another thing that could

initiate later maybe that - I don't know

wat - wait and see but that seems pretty

unlikely I think this is pretty much

what they're gonna be sticking with so I

want to give you guys any false hope but

that's just something I'm keeping in the

back of my mind for possibility and we

might have something later fine I doubt

it so we gotta limit rich guys think

about this new addition to advanced

warfare like I said it's coming sometime

this month I'll let you guys know when

it does go live and thank you guys so

much for watching check out these rusyn

yet and I will catch you guys later

peace out