Stranger Things : The game | How to Unlock Eleven

hi guys welcome back my name is kim

sunny her and yes so for today guys

yes this is the location that i have

found the last Eggos that I was waiting

for and I have also gathered all the VHS

tapes basically the VHS tapes does when

you collect all eight VHS tapes you will

get a ticket or a or yes maybe a ticket

there will be a spot opened in the

Hawkins theater you will you will get to

see the trailer for the season two of

strength things so I am still looking

for this The Goonies and the hearts I

have okay I have a couple of left and

the I have caught oh I have found all

the EVAs so so in the in our character

less there to first unknown to lock day

one look for the character when season

two is released so yeah guys this must

be 11 and this must be max so I know how

to get 11 too deep in order to get 11 we

have to do is go to this area and now

put all the able so yeah let's get going



okay not into that food right now


and their own spawn come on

hey I miss me turn the volume down a

little bit now I think this is the

location yes hey getting direct by the

owls so yes guys this is the spot just a

drop in this and there's 11 I'm hungry

it unlocked 11 it will be in your party

okay we have got an achievement my crazy

friend superpowers and no and yes I

leveled up 18 whoa that's the works I

didn't he yeah in your party in this

step and it's okay let's check yes there

is a weapon so yes let's check out

elements power he can dive into pools

okay we have one nearby just check it


I think we have pulled somewhere

not in this area okay let's try to find

one so you can do psychic abilities so

yes let's get to be hopping do this what

does it do

oh yeah this is a fast travel okay cool

nice little note to this so yeah guys I

will be making a no video on how to get

a lock max so that's all for to the US

and I will see you all next time