Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 - Unlocking Elektra From Infinity Trials

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what's happened everyone J shock last

here and we are back with another video

for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3d so in

order to unlock Elektra you have to go

right here you have to basically do all

these different nodes for the most part

until you unlock this one right here

it's level 30 mission I haven't tried it

yet obviously and I'm going in here with

a level 44 Deadpool 41 for 34 storm and

I want to say 20 for Captain America so

I'm really trying to level up kappa cap

because i need to get this beat and i

don't know what it is man I just can't

do it so let's go ahead and give this a


I've heard people say it's difficult so

there's a level 30 face off kingpin his

powerful allies


alright I'm not one of those types of

people that like enjoys difficult games

I just like to play them experience them

have fun so this is a little bit of a

challenge for me

UNR stones converge

so I heard a trick is if you're about to

die to pop an XP cube this does not

level me up this does

probably got a rubber ring this one's