(040) x2 Digital Push Button Door Locks Bypassed

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hi this is a manual push bottom lock

previous video I showed you how I

actually works other mechanism work so I

want to show you a little bypass

technique the a chance here works on

every single one of these locks but it

does work on pretty much most of them

especially ones that's been used you

find that the locks that haven't been

used that brand-new.this is less likely

to work but this is like a technique to

pick a lock

as usual standard technique is that you

need some more tension on the lock so

what we do is we usually we can see that

the door is locked and so what we do is

we put a bit of tension on and what

we're going to do is we're going to go

through the buttons one by one all right

so those are clicked the CBOC needs a

cancel button so we go around again once

all good two pushed oh three at that

time four five no why no six no seven

years eight gone okay

there you go it's canceled it

I'll just show you that again so the

idea is that you take in a bit of time

shot if you put too much on the buttons

not going to push in and it won't sit

I'll shorter demonstrate I'm gonna