How to UNLOCK / LOCK the child lock on a Electrolux induction hob

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hi there my name's Vince from my mate

Vince Conn and in this video today I'm

going to show you how you can set up and

also how you can remove the child lock

on an Electrolux ceramic glass induction

hob and this one is this particular

model number but you'll probably find

that the process is very similar for

most Electrolux models so let's zoom in

on the control panel down here as you

can see we've got the on and off button

we've also got a little padlock here so

this is how you lock it so what you need

to do is you need to turn it on and you

need to hold down the lock for four

seconds and that will enable the child

lock and then to remove to remove it if

it's been put on accidentally all you no

longer need it again you just turn it on

and this time you hold it down for four

seconds and it will remove it so let's

just show you that so turn it on let's

put it on one and two and three and four

and now no features will be available

you won't be able to turn any off there

the burners on okay so if we turn that

off and turn it on you won't be able to

do anything now to remove it all we need

to do is hold it down for four seconds

one and two and three and four and turn