Troubleshooting Your Electrolux Dryer Not Starting

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here are some simple solutions to help

get your Electrolux dryer running as it

should make sure the power cord fits

tightly in the wall outlet still no

power check to ensure a house fuse isn't

blown or the circuit breaker tripped

also ensure the dryer is on a separate

circuit don't forget to press power port

simply check to see if delay start was

inadvertently activated or the control

child block may be set and finally make

sure the door is completely closed your

dryer will not start otherwise it's

important to remember some models will

automatically turn off if you don't

press start within a few minutes of

setting the cycle

if this happens reset your cycle and

press Start some models have a

predictive drive feature you may not

hear or see your dryer start for about

90 seconds as it is sensing your load

this display will show three dots

scrolling when sensing is complete the

display will show the cycle time problem

still not solved check your use and care

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