How-To Remove a Locked Electrical Meter

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hey youtube my instructional video on

how to take a meter off the service

panel if you are replacing your service

panel only if you are replacing your

service panel not if you are trying to

steal power illegally because that's

what legal means is not right you

shouldn't do it it's against the law and

not only is it against the law it's

extremely dangerous so proceed at your

own risk and know that I did warn you

that it is illegal and it is dangerous

now I was doing a job not too long ago

where I had to replace a service panel

for a family that lived up the road

whatever for whatever reason their meter

was locked they didn't want to pay the

power company I think was like five or

six hundred dollars to come and remove

the meter and turn off the power

whatever I did it for but theirs was

locked there there's how to lock on it

like this I'm sorry to move it over this


now naturally I don't work for the power

company and I don't have the proper

tools to to take this off but being the

creative contractor that I am I figured

out a way to bust this with uh without

not very good at this without needing a