How to turn key lock off and on! On Wismec Reuleaux RX2/3 Vaporizer! Wattage Lock!

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what's up guys so today we're gonna be

talking about the key lock function some

of you guys that had to come on in your

pocket and you don't have to turn it off

because you through that structure

manual way so this is for you let's get

to it


what up guys tom here so some people are

having problems with the key lock

function and I just want to show you how

to put that on and remove it and the key

lock function all it does is lock your

wattage on your mod at least this mod

and all you do is you power the LCD

screen up you hold your settings button

down that puts key lock on and when I

fire this up I can't change the wattage

and it reminds me key lock is on so in

order to remove it all you do is fire up

the LCD screen again you hold your