iStick Lock - How To Unlock an Eleaf iStick (20w, 30w, TC40w)

hello vapor so you have stopped by this

video because you are seeing come on

camera lock on your eye stick maybe it's

a nice thick 20 watt or an eye stick 30

watt or an eye stick TC 40 watt such as

this one or maybe even an eye stick 50

watt regardless you are currently

frustrated because you want to change

the water draw voltage on your device

and you can't do it so this is how you

get out of this predicament the way that

you lock and I stick or unlock it is

that you hold down the up and down

arrows for a couple seconds and you will

see that it is now unlocked and I can

just the power at my leisure so there

you go sorry for the crappy focus on the

camera here but that's how you do it so

again if I wanted to lock it

hold down the buttons for a couple of

seconds and now it says locked so that

would I mean the reason before it is to

prevent you from once you get your power

locked in where you want it to obviously

lock the device so anyways that is the

quick fix or quick way to get yourself

out of this horrible situation not being

able to adjust the power on your eye

stick so there you go folks very common

question at the vape store do not be

embarrassed or ashamed if you found that

this is a very simple solution because

if you don't know one you just don't

know and that being said happy vaping