The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Locate The Ceremonial Weapons (with Commentary)

hello there so actually just stumbled

upon this dungeon or read the book but

somehow it has like giving me a quest to

locate ceremonial weapons and I will

help you locate at least one of them I'm

not sure if the other one is in here but

there are two ceremonial weapons my

knowledge so yeah let's start with this

there have my bound though I have Wragge

not beard following me and I have three

more Lord so basically I just want them

to take the aggression from these

draugar because I'm really squishy as

you will see later on and I'm also

trying to level up my sneaks kill Molly

she's not very good at sneaking

and I've always want to keep this

armored spell on me

simply because you know I could

potentially get one hit and I don't want

that to happen and yeah I said do make a

lot of those 45 whatever because I liked

them and that was a failed potion does

it also like poison me at the same time

and there is a ceremonial weapon right

there there's also a dragger and the

driver death Lord on the throne in here

I can't get a clear shot on the duck

lord because my follower under moral

order blocking and I just barely get

away there that's thrilling off yeah

there we go fast healing to level my


and you know throw some fireballs Adam

and I'm gonna use a shell and it'll be

marked for death

I do hit my dream or Lord I don't know

how why I have no clue I'm sorry I'm

just trying to level up stuff I didn't

really want to grind back then I just

want to level up like as I go through

the game we had this drug or death Lord

seem to be fighting bare hand even

though he had a war axe I don't know why

again and here is a ceremonial ax so

obviously I have located the ceremonial

sword before because there's the

ceremonial accident ceremonial sword and

you have to get two of them to advance

to the quest and I'll also be teaching

you how to open others can and that's

about the extent of this video

just follow the path that I took and

activate that door there's also a glass

shield here if you want it I took it

anyway but yeah there we go

hope you guys enjoyed and learned have a

wonderful day I'll see you all another

video bye bye