How to fix locked SIM card UPDATED

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I don't youtubers I'm back with another

video I haven't made a video in a long

time and I know that my apologies I'm

gonna start putting up more videos

constantly at least twice a week

this video is going to be like an update

to a video I did a long time ago where I

talked about how to fix an unlocked SIM

card and in the last video I really

explained how to because I meant it as a

question and but I didn't put a question

mark there so you know anyway but in

this video I'm gonna do like an update

so for example if I go here don't even

worry about that because this one is

getting disconnected

I forgot how did I do it right here

simple and I say I put a pin like

tu-tu-tu-tu-tu press done to could not

lock this in okay let's just type in

some random

boom now you got it locked now you press

unlock and you don't has a specific Sam

you know you put it whatever and then no

no no no

you know thanks no thanks not the top

you see it says laksa and this one is

connected and you can no longer make

phone calls or what not so let me just

put old New York number it was let me