Http Injector LOCKED .ehi file unlocking tutorial 2021 | How to edit / unlock locked .ehi file

hello friends welcome back to my youtube  channel in this video i am going to show  

you how to create a new http injector a file  using blockade a file here you can see i have  

located ttp injector afi so i am going to unlock  this save file and get the host out from this api  

and also i'm going to create a new a file using  this blocked house address so let's see continue  

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uh okay friends now you need to download  two applications called http injector and  

hacker0607 you can download this application from  description of this video after that install this  

application to your phone then open http injector  and import import your blogger a file like this  

i'm going to clear date of this application okay  now i'm going to import my http injector api

here is my download device now  i am going to select this one  

you can see its added successful  to my http injector application  

okay guys now you need to click on start as soon  as you click on that icon you need to go back  

to your hackers and application and click here  then scroll down and click this reconnect icon

here you can see there are two new host addresses  sometimes that icon will be hide like this  

when you are getting trouble to  back your application like this  

if you are doing slowly you can't  see that not click on it icon  

if you can't see that reconnect icon you can't  get you get back your host address so you need to  

do that fastly click on start firstly go back to  your hackers and application click here scroll  

down and click this reconnect icon you can see  i missed that so i need to click on start again

then go to here scroll down

click this reconnect tiger

there are some host addresses but those  are not came from the tdp injector

click here

here you can see again i have captured those  hot spots so you can create a new a file using  

these host addresses let's see see how can i  create a new http injector a file using these  

host addresses okay friends now let's check out  mobile data balance and also my account balance  

here you can see i don't have any database on  my sim card and also i don't have any of my  

balance on my sim card so as the result of this  i can't connect to any site using this connection

so you can see

when i'm trying to go to  youtube it's also connecting  

then and also this shows no connection issue so  let's try to connect this using your facebook.com

here we can go to facebook on anytime  but i can't still go to youtube because  

of i don't have any data balance on my sim  card only i have is i already activated  

facebook package using this sim card so now i am  going to make a new uh file using the sim card  

for browse free internet we we were able to  already find the host file of this connection  

so i'm going to open my http injector and create a  new ae file but in here i'm not going to tell you  

how to create a ssh accounts because i already  make a tutorial about creating ssh accounts on  

my device here you can see this host file is  connecting yes and also is going to successful  

then we try to edit this host file first of  all you need to clear data of this application

now what you need to do is you need to save here  

and go to savers click yes and select a saver  from here i'm going to select singapore saver

then go to ssl tls method  

now you need to select this and this then save  because we have already find a sni host from  

our old uh located if i if i find a file uh host  in a ttp method you need to change it like this  

okay then save but i am fine i was able to finance  in my house so i'm connecting using sn9 method  

then click on save now you need to enter your free  host but i am not going to provide my free host  

you can see i can't connect to this post  because it's blocked by the service provider  

so i can't connect it but now i'm going to  enter my free host which i found from that api

here you can see i have successfully  entered my host address which i was  

able to find from the locate ae file then you  need to click on save then press start button  

now you can see your injector is running  you can see your connection is successful  

go to youtube.com using this new a method you can  see i my connection is statuses back to online  

it's connected to igman.10k okay  now let's see try to connect


here you can see your youtube site is loading

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