EE Pay Monthly Help & How To: Unlocking Your Device


you can get your pay monthly phone

unlocked online with my EE you'll need

to be the account holder I've had the

phone for at least six months and have

purchased directly from an EE retailer

bills will need to be paid up to date

and the device can't been reported lost

or stolen head to my account code at UK

Ford slash app forward slash device

unlock to fill in the unlock phone if

it's an EE pay monthly device in a

current contract it costs eight pounds

ninety-nine if your device is out of

contract it's free to unlock unlocking a

secondhand device costs eight pound


it must be over six months old and can't

have been reported lost or stolen to

unlock a secondhand device you'll need

to give us a call on 895 six six triple

I will aim to get your device unlocked

within 72 hours sometimes we need to

contact the manufacturer first which can

take up to ten days if that happens

we'll let you know