How to Edit A Protected Word Document Without Password

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what you guys going to have a video here

for you this is just another quick video

on how to edit a password-protected file

so you can see here we have a word

document and I've been asked for this

video quite a bit and you can see here

we have a word document that is

protected with a password so if I look

at this and push try to edit any of this

content here what's going to happen is

you're going to get this restrict

editing and you can see here it says

stop protection so the only way you can

stop the protection is if you know the

password and that's pretty much

impossible I'm going to show you a

really easy way to get around this if

you have a document that you wish to

edit now sometimes you may be thinking

that how's this going to ever happen

well if you work in a company and you've

got a temporary staff there and may

create a document just like this and

it's protected which the normally is the

case and that person then leaves

sometimes they forget to give you the

password and then they can't edit the

document and this is quite a common

thing that happens so I'm going to show

you how you can get around this now you