BEATING MOM'S HEART & UNLOCKING EDEN | The Binding Of Isaac Afterbirth Gameplay

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so what I was trying to do is I'm trying

to beat this greed mode thing with this

azazel guy and he's different because he

can only do short range attack like that

and he starts with only three of those

like weird black hearts but anyways I'm

getting pretty close and I wanted to

just go ahead and scream I don't

actually remember what I was doing but

hopefully I did everything I need to do

what's the point of the game you want to

kill everybody and get to the end beat

big bosses pretty much like everybody

holy frickin crap okay so this is and

I'm already taking hits so we're off to

a fantastic start

that is very loud I'll budge on my

screen it's very loud so tell me if it's

really loud for you guys freakin tech

man just died dude just died it these

little spiders I take so many hits off

the little stupid stand up so I can kill

you thank you you're done boy okay how

many coin I need more coins guys more

coins you're the best

go you have go has your built it is a

little loud it's so loud see this is

what I thought it's already turned down

to negative 20 this game's freaking loud

as heck I'm turning it down to negative