How to Password Reset your Eastwest Bank Online Account

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welcome to tips and trends we're now

going to discuss on how to reset your

password in East West online banking so

first you need to go to double-double W

that is twist banker calm and then click

login and then - moon and not Dana 18

password gonna add a the Potala gonna

dance so which are username and password

and then click log in and then now that

we verified that you've exceeded the

allowable authentication they click

reset password and then select the type

of your card for example debit card so

input Nathaniel 16 digit card number

make it as at the ATM card or debit card

and then once done input your ATM PIN

that's six digits and then press close

and then confirm and then once confirmed

enter your user name to validate then

click confirm and then wait for a

one-time password say a mobile number

that is a registered mobile number and

that is six digits no one-time password

so once received input Menotti Nisha and

then confirm then it's now time to

nominate your new password so they tried

to do press the question mark so my

advice is it must be a combination of

capital and small letters with special

characters and my special colors not in