Mql4 Lock Protection Online I Protect Forex Robot Indicators Mql Files

hello dear Forex friend here I will show

you how m2l files online protection

works how to register or lock for FDA

and indicators online first create this

simple act KML file and upload to your

server here you can manage your clients

license by their mt4 account number here

you can add the bait or deactivate

clients mt4 account numbers now let's

see how it works first you have to


mp4 account numbers with specific

license key license key is random

generated see description for license

key generator now for mp4 account number

and license key in your HTML files like

this you only need to give your

protected me a explore vial and license

key to your client see how it works

attach is protected me a on chart

Klieman can't leave license key blank



if fondant insert wrong license key they

will not be activate and removed from



your client must have enter if you're

given correct license key to activate

the egg


see being is estivate now you also

deactivate more clients license by

removing license key from HTML file

after removing license key da immediatly

will be deactivate and removed from

chart so this is very simple but very

effective license management system if

you want to set up this system then

contact us to admin at best Forex robot