How to unlock Huawei E5330 E5330BS-2 Unlock Done E5330 Internet Wifi Dongle Free

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okay today we are going to unlock these

old internet dongles which is a model

numbers let me check five three three

zero order e five three three zero BS -

- ok first of all use a nonworking SIM

card in there because it's on e you know

so I'm gonna install water phone SIM

card which is non-working in this

internet dongle

let's check first let me say attempt

left or no because sometimes people put

wrong password in there and they lose

all you know attempting turn it on

connect your device make sure

where you going to connect the device

this device has the Internet should be

off the no internet connected so I'll

connect it first of all he asking you

login login mean you have to put a admin

on the top and user and admin in the

password a dmin admi and at the back

dongle he says as well so login he says

the password and username strength is

low don't worry about that just confirm

and yeah remaining attempts this device

has been locked contact your ISP to

obtain the same block code so it's mean

this device is locked but again I'm

saying you have to turn off your

internet when you put new code in there