Locked your keys ? This is how you open BMW E46

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hey guys if you have like Beamer a 46

and you lock your key inside or you

break the lock cylinder that is not

allowing you to open the door manually

or if you don't have remote you lock

your keys in side I think the best way

to do it is by actually I tried

everything I didn't see any videos on

YouTube I there is nothing that I can do

about and it was hard to be honest it

was like a few days trying to break into

it I tried to the wire I tried to put

pull the handle I tried to push the

button nothing work actually it's been

tough it's like one of the hardest cars

to try and open seriously so I'm trying

to have people who locked the keys

inside and already broke the brick the

locks in under like I said before and

the best thing I was thinking of is

taking this back tail light off what you

do is you put like your eye on a lot is

called like something to pull these

things here and actually try push them

and pull the tail light off from there

and when you pull it off there is this

thing the cover insulation inside you

have to push it also going to take you a

little bit of effort so we have to push

it really hard and when you push with a