Forza Horizon 4 Customization : BMW E46 M3!! [How To Unlock The E46 M3 in FH4]

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that's a good one nice snapback

keep it on the road oh oh yes

i've done a couple videos on the channel

where we've gone in and i've showed you

guys how to get some cars like the limo

the aventador uh the dodge demon and a

bunch of other things like that that are

awesome awesome cars

however there's one car that i still

haven't gone in and got that's the bmw

m3 from 2005. it is the proper

if you ask me the best m3 that has ever

existed in this video i'm gonna show you

how you can go and get that one first

thing you need

a little bit of a drift car now i've

done a couple of drift builds

um so i just wanna i'm just gonna go use

this one this is a mazda mx5 i made a

whole video on it if you want to check

it out i

i guess it'll be linked down below i i

shared the tune of it too if

if anyone wants to download it for

whatever reason when you go into your

game you can come down to this thing you

can see like the level you are for


if you come to drifter on the drift run

you can see if i reach level eight if i