How to properly install your Ohio E-ZPass Transponder

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now that you have your EasyPass

transponder and have activated it at

ohio turnpike org

it's now time for you to mount it in

your vehicle the ohio turnpike

recommends that easy past customers

mount their transponder behind their

rearview mirror on the windshield so

that it can accurately be read when

driving through the toll lanes mounting

your EasyPass transponder can be done in

four easy steps step 1 select location

for the transponder on the inside of

your windshield behind the rear-view

mirror and below any window tint step 2

clean and dry the area thoroughly step 3

remove the plastic tape from the

mounting strips on the transponder to

expose the adhesive surface step 4 place

the transponder on the windshield with

the e-zpass logo upright and facing you

while pressing down firmly if you elect

to not store your transponder on your

windshield at all times please make sure

to have your transponder mounted prior

to approaching the toll lanes so you do

not miss the read zone the read zone is

the area where the overhead sensors on

the plaza gantries receive your

transponders unique signal it's