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Part 10: Single Player

Did you know that War Thunder has several single player historical campaigns

and various skirmish missions?

Well, it does and quite a few of them too, some are especially cool.

Today's video is all about these missions and modes.

Lets start with Custom Battle.

This is basically a bunch of private game rooms created by players,

to train and enact various combat scenarios.

This room can be public for all or a private, invite only affair.

Now, let's check it out. Click on the Custom Battle.

You will immediately see a list of rooms occupied by players.

You can sort these by choosing a game mode you wish to play.

Here is the filter you need, at the bottom of the window.

Now lets create our own room and set it up.

Click on the “Create a session” button and select a map you wish to play.

Now, a setup menu pops up.

First off we pick a game mode, Arcade, Realistic or Simulator.

Then we pick weather conditions.

You can even select weather that is not normally present in online battles,

such as pouring rain or other low visibility conditions.

Why not give it a try?

We can then select time limit, limit of fuel and ammo, rules of respawn

and other gameplay parameters.

You can also select a region server that will host your game room and set a password, if you wish.

That's it, you can invite players in now.

Right click on a player's name and then select “Invite to session”.

Once all attending players pick their team, nation and click on “Ready”,

you can start the game.

If any players forget to pick their team, the game will automatically assign them to teams.

Then, once the game begins, it is business as usual.