hello friends welcome to my youtube

channel educate and entertain this time

we'll discuss about different kind of

topic that is how to look a copyright or

protected CD or dvd because this is a

regular issue people are facing so I

have tried to make video on this type of

topic so I have a CD that I will insert

into my laptop and will show you how to

unlock this CD ok this is the DVD this

is the CD player

I'm opening here just I'm copying all

the files here it is you can see here it

is showing 0 White's out of 0 verse

because this is UT it's copyright

copyright protected okay so I've copied

all the files now I will show you my

best here you can see you can see here

them um how much is the size of the file

it is showing only one KB that means

this CD is copyright protected so all

understand let's understand how you can

unprotect or copy the files to do it you

go to Windows Media Player as I am

showing here you should have it in your

system or you may download and save it

in Windows Media Player yeah click on

the parent file that is it's time

clicking here my file it will show all

the major music files containing in the

CD or DVD from there you can select all

these files select all these files

report oh this of some rape CD at IPC

and click it after picking this will

sound ripping and others one by one it

will keep all the vegie price of your CD

or DVD ok you can see the problem is

showing the progress within one's own

computer hundred percent completed then

accordingly accordingly you can copy it

to other Luxan just let it complete then

I will show you

no all the ripping is completed go to

organize and you can click on VG then

you can see here very the storage

location you'll see user 10 music okay

then you know we'll go to my capital C

find users Dell then it's music in that

low financial venture under this over

these files converter because that is a

location I have selected then choose

your own location from this location

also we can take I am hoping it into a

new folder you can see here all the

files earlier which was swing one KB now

it is showing full edge for actual

besides capacity file capacity thank you

by this very even know them Opie from

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