FFXIV 2.3 0355 Frontlines Unlock Quest

and we're back for another episode in

this episode we're going to be unlocking

the front lines the front lines is a PvP

battle ground system added in patch 2.3

to file that c14 around reborn and I am

wearing my PvP outfit just for lulz so

anyway I am at my own grand company you

need to go to your grand company

headquarters to unlock the quest and you

also have to have previously unlocked

the arenas by doing the quest for that

so given that I am a twin a derp I come

to the twin out of headquarters here in

gridania I talk to Scarlett and the

quest is called like civilized men and

women so Scarlett

lieutenant Scarlett is looking for a few

good soldiers so I come closer to

Tennant Murphree I would prefer that

this tale be heard by you and you alone

it concerns a sensitive subject with

which you are doubtless well acquainted

the Battle of Carter no III speak that

blood bath which marked the end of the

six astral era when both the valve

Legion and sorry the seventh Legion and

the Allied forces were slaughtered by

the wings abomination which did his

utmost to destroy all we know and love

no part of your Xia was untouched by the

Elder primals rage at least of all they

caught on of flats which were ravaged

they remade in the fires of destruction

the flats were rendered by an accused

wasteland and all decent small folk know

to keep a wide berth consequently many

questioned why the eorzean alliance

continues to maintain a military

presence in the region despite the

personal and material required to do so

Halligan ruins that's why allied

scholars have been studying them since

their discovery following the battle

during which time the coronal flats have

been jointly administered by the free

member nations of the asean alliance

this was an acceptable state of affairs

for a time but no longer all the limbs

are the mentor in gridania have

all formally asserted a claim to the

territory a diplomatic resolution is no

longer possible the matter is to be

decided on the field of battle lest you

fear that this marks an advent of top

award worry not we are allies as ever

and shall conduct ourselves accordingly

all hostilities will be confined to the

disputed territories an engagement shall

before - submission not deaf so you see

you need an hesitate to join the fray

should you have the misfortune of facing

a friend in battle you will only be

accepted to subdue him nor kill him I

that's why I tell you all this because

we need men or women of your caliber on

the frontline these ruins are of vital

importance to our nation's security and

we cannot surrender them to a foreign

power you need not make a decision now

all I ask is that you speak to our man

had the airship landing and listen to

what he has to say ok so let's go to the

airship landing



now the thing about the frontlines is

that is limited by item level so there

is no level kappa so they're gonna be

level 50 but the item level is actually

restricted to I am level 80

unfortunately morale has got no purpose

really and the front lines on the in

arenas so okay up here is the yellow

cellphone flyer I'm just wearing the

outfit just for the sake of it so

lieutenant manifold comes to join the

fight have-we are very good very good






so now before you proceed I must warn

you this isn't going to be like some

John in the walls damn you'll be

plighted against wave after wave of

fellow alliance members in bowel and

they won't care one whit that you're the

Warrior of Light this campaign will be

long and brutal victories once a day may

be undone tomorrow consider the

borderland ruins we only need seized

control of each ruin in the region right

wrong defences paramount as well for our

rivals will muster forces to challenge

our claims it is for that reason we have

established then a ship route direct to

the frontline those who are ready and

willing to fight will never want for

transportation but that look on your

face bespoke confusion are we at war or


what is this bollocks about no killing

one of the summer cells is going on

that's what you're thinking yes it's

less war and more organized buying us to

resolve a territorial dispute and yes it

is to be civilized violence killing

alliance members is strictly prohibited

though accidents have been known to

happen mind you but all of you people

have nothing to fear you've escaped

certain death more times than I can

count and what are the odds that you'll

fail to do so this time I so that's just

okay complete stall that's it

some front lines are now unlocked so by

reading front lines it says the

borderland ruins located on the

outskirts of cotton or flats are now

accessible control of this ancient

Allegan site is decided via large-scale

player vs. player battles known as

frontline campaigns speak with the grand

company flyer at one of the airship

landings for further details because

it's unlocked it means we can also

access it any time jerk from the duty

finder list so anyway that's it for this

episode thank you for watching and as

always good bye from me and good bye

from me free