How To Get FREE Dunkin Donuts Food And Drinks!!!

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okay you guys I'm gonna try this again

because I don't think there was any

volume to what I was saying but I just

wanted to share with you guys that the

DD perks program is totally life it is a

life oh my gosh so check this out you

see this stuff here you see there's a

large creme brulee iced latte this is a

chocolate glazed doughnut and this is a

wake up wrap how much did it cost it

cost me nothing you guys you are missing

out if you are not one of the members of

the DD perks program I'm telling you so

how did I get all of this for free well

I signed up new account for DD perks the

link is included to use the link use the

link that you see so that you can get

this perk get the extra five dollars go

over you create your new account and

then you have to load $2 onto the card

or the app low two dollars because