5DS IS OUT!! How to Unlock 5DS World + Characters (Yusei, Crow, Akiza, Leo) [Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links]

what's going on people guns blazing back

at it again and a 5ds is finally out so

this video is gonna teach you how to

unlock five DS and how to unlock the new

characters so I'll lock in the world

itself is pretty simple as you can see

here in your missions tab you're gonna

have a quest to summon ten win monsters

so that's pretty simple I just went

ahead and tossed a bunch of wind

monsters into one deck you don't have to

do it all in one duel and you can even

do a level ten if you want to make it

really easy but yeah once you've done

that just go back to your missions tab

clicky clicky get that junk kuriboh put

that junk in your trunk and suddenly

what do you know new area unlocked five

DS is finally available to you I'll let

you enjoy this intro during your own

time so that we can keep the video short

and sweet and I can tell you about the

other character locks but yeah anyways

with the world unlock you'll also unlock

Yusei at the same time he actually

doesn't start off with a copy of

Stardust Dragon in his deck but his

skill puts it in his deck along with a

couple of junk synchron's and can also

pick up some more copies of Stardust


from the new box if you want some of

that Stardust booty but let's move on to

the next character this is how you

unlock Crow Hogan so you're gonna have

to find one of these guys sector

securities they're just a random and PC

on the map that you can duel you're

gonna have to beat this dude in a duel

and score or 5,000 points or more now a

couple things about this guy he might

not appear like right away but

eventually he'll pop up on the map and

the deck that he's using will just be a

random deck that whatever the normal AI

is can use so that may depend on your

level as well if you're the same level

as me

you're probably gonna face a level 57 AI

now again since it is a random deck and

it might vary depending on your level I

can't give you an exact necklace but you

should be able to figure out a way to

score at least 5000 points on on this

dupe anyone's wondering I just used a

basic blue-eyes farming deck with a

vassal and Union attacks and the deck he

was using was the negate the counter

trap negate deck which is called

judgment from the Death

yeah this is a little overkill because

this was actually meant to be a skill

farm deck and score 8,000 but you just

need 5,000 for this dude anyway just

click on over to your missions tab once

you've done that and you'll see that the

hidden unlock condition for Crow is to

score 5000 on that security dude now

he's gonna show up at the gate as you

can see right here but technically you

haven't unlocked them yet as a playable

character he's just unlocked at the gate

for now to actually unlock them as a

playable character you're gonna have to

go through some more missions which are

gonna show up in your missions tab and

I'll show you that in just a second so

yeah here you go nothing too wild

it just says character unlock missions

it will list out everything that you

need to do there and once you're done

with these you unlock them for real as a

playable character those are all some

pretty easy quests the real big

challenge in the locking Crow is beating

and scoring 5000 against security

anyways once you get them same deal he's

not really gonna have much in his

starter deck he is gonna have access to

one copy of black winged dragon but

again it's gonna be inside his skills so

his skill adds one copy a bit to your

deck anyways the next two unlocks should

be pretty simple the next one I'm gonna

mention is akiza you're gonna be

unlocked at the gates available to duel

at stage 5 but again she won't be

playable until you complete her

character unlock mission and those

missions will open up once you hit stage

6 so check out the missions tab once

you've hit stage 6 and then it's the

same deal just go back into your

missions tab finish up collecting those

rewards and you will have akiza

available as a playable character same

deal with Crow Hogan she has access to

Black Rose dragon just one copy though

and it's tied to her skill it's not

actually included in their starter deck

and last but not least you got Leo

similar to akiza he's available at the

gate at stage 10 but his unlock missions

they're not gonna show up until you hit

stage left and as far as I know these

are all of the unlockable characters so

far in Yugi o5d Jack Atlas is said to be

coming out next year and

we have Luna who was supposed to be

unlockable but no one has found out her

secret unlock condition or simply she's

not available yet that's my guess but as

always if I find out how to unlock her

then I'll let you guys know hey let me

show you guys a couple of extra clips

from my stream last night

first of all just testing out as your

eyes and the new blue eye support

nothing too wild yet you know I don't

know if they're actually gonna be good

at PvP yet nor do I know how to build

them optimally yet but at least you'll

get an idea as your eyes still the

dragon Limon sure


dude you don't even need three blue eyes

in this deck umana

okay there you go that's number three

movie dude I'm so confused okay this is

black rose dragon number three

oui oui Mont sure dude look at this what

is this high quality dude

okay the dragon itself is not that high

quality but like the trees and the roses

roll they took some time they took some


thanks for the sub JJ and x-33

use effect I'm not a meme ur like that

okay okay yeah I thought it wasn't

unlocked for some reason all right there

we go

give me that junk put that junk in my

trunk new area open acceleration foggers

cards on motorcycles titties on

motorcycles pink symbols do Gil bobbidi

snorts and to the world of yu-gi-oh 5ds

I will sir I will Yusei Fudo and yusei's

deck Mabuse mark of the dragon head

Stardust Dragon is including his default

deck mmm-hmm I thought your name was you

say ologist for a second taint a synchro

summon related skills started tutorial

on synchro summoning let's go why not

so I don't look like a fool later akiza

is it skill ke Black Rose dragon wait I

didn't read that I need to be read okay

Tuner monster the type of monster

required for synchro summoning they

cannot be identified by the word tuner

next to their type I know that okay so

we have junk boy it's just like what's a

cult it's like contact fusing except

like you just add up the number of stars

to the synchro stars and also what's it

called they have to all be face-up

little Liddy animation you have

successfully synchro summoned thanks

make sure to add synchro and tuner

monsters yeah yeah

okay that's it forget the toggle back on

yeah you're not scared it that's good


oh boy that's a big thinking emoji yep

oh and another thing for those duels for

those missions where you have to like

win X amount of duels I suggest

something like this that can win on turn

two or three Auto duel is to tilty right

now because of all the difficult decks

that they that they put into the game

and as always the AI sucks so I just do

this I don't think that's what it is my

guy this is a certified turn to a winner

II know look at this old board in Lane

magic pobud ruby so yeah that's gonna be

it for this video

umm it's purely coincidental what our

percent coincidence that this video was

around 10 minutes long there's nothing

to do with IDI revenue I had 10 minutes

by a ways if you want to sub and stick

around feel free to do so we are gonna

be covering a lot of the content that

just came out we're gonna make some farm

decks for all these new duelists at the

gate and obviously we're gonna be

testing all the new cards in king of

games ring that's it for me guys have

yourselves a good one and this is a guns

blazing signing out