Every way to Unlock Dry Bowser in Mario Kart Wii

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hey guys I'm gonna tell you how to

unlock dry Bowser as you can see I've

not unlocked

Rosalina yet that's because I'm not

bothering to do freaking gear mode

grandpa option you'll find someone was

who was super mario galaxy and Locker

that way cuz I'm not I'm not doing

mirror mode after how hard was screwing

off that bastard anyway to unlock

eyebrows dream you have to get one star

on all we grab pre tracks on 150cc so

I'll show you what that is it is just

the top row mushroom cup flower cup star

cup and special cup via one star and all

those oh so you need to believe yourself

because it is dad it feels like it's

impossible but it isn't just to play

good and do it don't believe all the

people that tell you it's three stars

because it's not and that's freaking

impossible to do anyway see ya